Current state of the economy and how it affects dog food pricing!

Current state of the economy and how it affects dog food pricing!

Have your prices gone up on Nature’s Select Pet Products? How come?

As you probably know, the business environment over the past year has gone in a negative direction to say the least. We just wanted to take a moment to share with you recent changes in the industry, and how it will affect us all.

  • Fuel costs, Trucking and Delivery costs are rising on a monthly basis and continue to be an ongoing issue.
  • There is a chicken shortage in the USA. Prices are up accordingly.
  • With continuing unemployment benefits, many businesses are having trouble hiring employees back to keep up with production demand, and in turn are having to raise wage costs to try and get workers back in house. This has begun to affect normal turnaround times in all industries, for multiple suppliers, all across America.
  • The bottom line is that the American dollar now buys less. Hyperinflation is happening nationwide and industry wide.

Over the last few years, we have had several price increases that have come upon us that we have worked hard not to pass on entirely to our customers. Unfortunately, we are caught in the cross hairs once again, and we cannot escape them this time around. We want everyone to know that we feel the pain as a small business, and that we are working to ease the burden of this adjustment to our customers. We do our best to keep price increases to only once a year, but unfortunately due to this significant change we have no choice but to pass along the increases sooner than planned.

 Why should I continue to choose Nature’s Select for my pet in 2021?

We know the cost of goods are changing everywhere, but we are striving to continue being your first choice as a pet food provider. You should feel confident in choosing Nature's Select and know that the overall safety, quality, and integrity of our products are in no way changing. Our safety protocols, security measures, ingredient quality, and production of our products remains superior in the industry. Our pet food products are 4 & 5 star rated by the Dog Food Advisor and recommended by Whole Dog Journal, and we remain recall-free in our 27+ year history since starting our pet food business.

 Are their benefits to choosing to shop local and support small family owned businesses?

Thanks for choosing Nature's Select for your pets - It's always a pleasure to serve our customers through our personalized, friendly customer service and attention to detail. When you choose to shop Nature’s Select, you are choosing to support local family owned businesses all over the USA. You can feel good when you shop with your local Nature’s Select Distributor, as your pet food is traveling a shorter distance to your door and therefore being better on our environment. We appreciate you all hanging in there with us and choosing to support our small business, and we do all that we can to choose local family owned businesses as much as we can to help those around us survive this post-pandemic world and economy we are living in. Do you have a favorite local business you love to support? Send their info our way - we are happy to help spread the word!

 How are Covid-19 delays and shortages affecting Nature’s Select supply chain?

Nature’s Select, just as every other business in all industries,  is being affected by delays and shortages following the Covid-19 pandemic. While our dry pet food is still made on a bi-weekly basis to ensure our products’ freshness, other factors are coming into play  Rising fuel costs, limited truck drivers, and other goods related to shipping could lead to some items being out of stock on our website. This will vary based on what we carry, but it will most likely affect things like pet treats, toys, supplements, chews & bones, etc.

 What makes Nature’s Select the superior choice for pet food?

It’s important to remember that Nature’s Select remains family owned & operated, just as we have been since our very beginning in 1994. Our pet food is delivered to your door, offering ease and convenience above all else. We are proud to stand by our products no matter what, and offer a satisfaction guarantee always. Our Nature’s Select Distributors across the country are small businesses representing our brand across the USA - who are all family owned & operated as well. When you shop Nature’s Select, our team truly cares about the well-being of your pets and our main goal is that you are happy and your pets are healthy, period. Our product integrity remains steadfast in quality, and we remain recall free to this day. Our safety protocols, ingredient standards, and trusted suppliers are what ensure our products remain fresh and to the highest quality overall.

 Is Nature’s Select cost effective and competitively priced?

Yes! Our pet food products remain competitively priced in the industry. It’s also important to remember that while not all kibble companies are a superior product, kibble remains the most cost-efficient way to feed your beloved pet. Depending on which recipe you are looking at buying from Nature’s Select, a typical 30 lb bag of our product contains 120 total 8oz measuring cups inside the bag. If you know the number of cups per day you feed your dog, you can calculate the cost per feeding or cost per day to feed Nature’s Select Pet Food. For example, a 30 lb bag of our Select Multi Protein Recipe costs around $57.00 on average (depending on where you are buying in the country). If you feed your dog 2 cups at each feeding, or 4 total cups per day, then you can divide 120 cups by 4 cups, which equals 30. That is the number of days on average it will take your dog to eat (1) 30 lb bag of Multi Protein Recipe. If you divide $57 by 30 days, that comes out to $1.90 to feed your dog per day on Nature’s Select. You can also divide $1.90 by 4 which results in $0.47 per cup fed. That means it’s only $0.95 per feeding based on the above feeding example!