Do your know which Nature's Select food is best for your pup?

Dogs can't seem to get enough of our tasty Nature's Select recipes. We have something for everyone, regardless of your pet's needs. Select from a range of protein options that will surely satisfy whatever your pet is craving. They’re highly palpable, easily digestible, and quickly devoured by dogs all across America.


When we set out to create Nature’s Select Pet Food, we did our research and met with top ingredient producers and developed each formula to serve specific purposes — while meeting our own high safety and quality standards. The result? We were able to create our unique base of four essential Nature’s Select Core ingredients. Found in every bag of Nature’s Select pet food, these ingredients come together to provide superior nutrition for your pets to ensure they are healthy inside and out.


Nature's Select has been on the highly acclaimed Whole Dog Journal Editor's Choice List consistently as well as earning The Dog Food Advisor's highest five-star rating for many years. Our grain-free and dry pet foods are singled out for their healthy mix of natural ingredients. Nature's Select has a total of nine different dry dog food recipes, canned food varieties, as well as our signature dry food for cats.


So, you’re probably wondering which recipe is the best fit for your dog. Take a look at the outline below to see which one is right for you!


Classic Recipe

Our Classic Recipe has been our number one best seller for 28 years. It is great for healthy adult maintenance for dogs of all breeds and ages.


High Protein Recipe

This recipe is great for puppies and working dogs because they require more calories, fat, and protein. Keeping your highly active dog and growing pup fueled, is the key to their overall health.


Cold Water Recipe

Dogs with allergies do best on a fish protein. Our Cold Water Recipe is an excellent choice for dogs who suffer from extreme allergies, poor digestion, and overall sensitivities.


New Zealand Lamb Recipe

Do you have a gassy dog? Our New Zealand Lamb Recipe is ideal for breeds more prone to digestive issues.


Multi Protein Recipe

Have a meat lover on your hands? Our Multi Protein Recipe is a blend of beef, chicken and pork that satisfies large breeds with hearty appetites.


Plus Recipe

Is your dog overweight? Our Plus Recipe is a great way to cut back on calories, fat, and protein to help aide weight loss. It is great for senior dogs, too.