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Lumi Safety LED Lights 2 pak (reg price $18.99) (Red LED light)

price: $16.99
FREE DELIVERY with $40.00 min order
Ultra-light, small and bright LED safety lights with variable attaching solutions

Function & Design

  • Bright blue LED's from the latest generation for best visibility
  • Ultra light, only 10g (0.4oz)
  • Small, only 32mm (1.25in) in diameter and 11mm (0.43in) high
  • Silicone housing and therefor splash proof
  • Flashing: 120 hours / Permanent:. Approximately 50 hours burn time
  • 6 flexible silicone bands in three sizes for variable attaching options
  • 2 luumis per box (incl. Batteries) to be seen all around.
  • Easily replaceable Batteries

The luumi LED safety lights are specifically designed for activities during twilight and nightfall, so that you and your dog will always be seen everywhere, whether in traffic or during an evening stroll in the park. With the flexible silicone bands, the LED lights can be easily attached to any harness, collar and/or lead. Because of the splash-proof silicone case, the LED's operate properly even during rain and snowfall.

Replaceable battery

The battery can be replaced. Please refer to the packaging for instructions.
Batteries do not belong in household waste and must be disposed of properly.
CR2032 AAA 3V button cell battery

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