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As picky as I am with dog food I will say I am very pleased to be feeding four of my five dogs this brand!!!! I actually just recently got in a neglected GSD and she has easily costed nearly 1,000 in vet bills already. They had her on science diet i/d digestive care and it’s done nothing but give her watery diarrhea for two and a half weeks. All her blood work is negative and poo so my only thought it’s that food, and I personally am not a fan of science diet never have been. But I was trying it cause the vet suggested for her neglect issues. Well I am tired of the diarrhea and the pills seem to not be working. Changed her food to what I am feeding my personal dogs and guess what. Yes her poo is firming up and became solid after three plus weeks of diarrhea. So thank you so much and you guys have a customer for life or I hope for life lol

— Julia K

Never a miss in service! Always prompt, beyond courteous and incredible product that keeps my Greyhounds in top shape! Customer for life of every Greyhound now and future!!!

— Josh G

Oh my goodness! I just had to send you a quick e-mail to thank you for the wonderful "Welcome Box"!! All those goodies and the awesome carry bag! :) Love it!! I am going to tell many friends of your pet food! Faith already ate a bowl of the food and loved it! She is now chewing on her sweet potato chew! Thank you have a new customer for life!!

— Lisa T

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that after 30 years of using other dog food I am so pleased with yours. My other dogs have never had a shiny coat and this dog does. He is beautiful. I did hours of research trying to find the right food. My trainer recommended you and I am so glad. I am loving the grain free. Back in August we adopted a rescue lab who was going to be an "allergy" dog. As soon as we switched to NS his itching has decreased, thank you, thank you, thank you. In summary I am thrilled about your product, the home delivery is an added bonus. Thank you for your superior product.

— Cathy K

I certainly appreciate your quick attention and response. And I love the delivery service. Oh and Nessie loves the food.

— Karen D

Oh, fyi – I have been using the cbd oil on Buddy, my 14yo terrier and works great. He is declining and tends to pace a lot in the evening/night so I give him a little and makes the world of difference. I have also noticed that if he is not interested in eating, once I give him a little then he wants to eat. Oddly, he seems to like the taste of it

— Linda W

Thank you for the quick response and quick delivery of the food. I really appreciate your customer service - it's one of the things my wife and I really like about buying from Nature Select.

— Chris D

Thank you for your continued due diligence in making sure my Bella and Mac are getting top quality food. I’ve been a customer for many years and this is what keeps me with you and Nature’s Select products.

— Tarah C